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Custom corporate gifts

thexstyle SuJun 2, '19

The corporate gift industry is worth a whopping $125 billion! And there’s a good reason why. Business gifts can attract new clients, increase your sales, and build your company image. It can also help your employees feel appreciated, which boosts their productivity and morale. But not all gift baskets make good gifts. In fact, 57% of people say that a gift can both positively and negatively sway their opinion of a company. So, you want to make sure you’re giving a basket your clients will really like. Say goodbye to the overplayed muffin baskets! Show your customers that your company is unique and understands what people want. Do you need some inspiration? Keep reading to discover the top 7 gift basket ideas that your clients and employees will actually like.

Custom Tote Bag: Your Quintessential Guide to Swag

thexstyle SuMay 5, '19

A custom gift to your customer can make them feel special and show them that you appreciate their business. It's been shown that personalized gifts and swag can increase brand loyalty and awareness, with some customers even expressing frustration when their experience seems impersonal. 

Give the Gift of Luxury with Custom Leather Gifts

Bold Commerce CollaboratorApr 29, '19

A wallet or pouch made of leather is yet another gift idea that is perfect for the corporate worker. With the right wallet or pouch, your workers can easily store their cash with class. For the greatest convenience, look for a company that will allow you to upload your desired text -- like the employee’s name -- or your business logo online. Then, the company can produce a customized leather pouch or wallet for you.

Custom Notebooks for the Wordsmiths of the World

thexstyle SuApr 25, '19

Notebooks have been a staple in the world since the first human drew a line across a page, and no matter where the future leads us, you can be sure they'll be here to stay.

Custom waterbottle as your corporate gifts

thexstyle SuApr 25, '19

Are your employees still using disposable cups every time they want to get something to drink? If so, here's a solution for you: stop that. Disposable plastic cups may have their conveniences, but they don't outweigh their problems. Oftentimes you have to pay more to have them removed from your office, and you aren't doing anyone a service by placing them in a landfill. Also, they tend to look hideous—and who wants that around their place?