Custom luggage tag printing

According to wiki, the invention of luggage tags was patented by John Michael Lyons of Moncton, New Brunswick more than 100 years ago. The tag showed the issuing station, the destination, and a consecutive number for reference. The lower half of the tag was given to the passenger, while the upper half, with a hole at the top, was inserted into a brass sleeve and then attached to the luggage by a strap.

Nowadays, luggage tag still widely used for everyone, especially those who love to travel, to prevent the luggage being lost. but now the luggage tag is more than a simple tag, it can be used as a decoration of the luggage and a small gifts for corpoates as corporate logo can be printed onto the luggage tag itself. And now, there are a lot of material can be made into luggage tags, bamboo, metal, acrylic, leathers, and paper. each material has their different properties. 

Paper luggage tag is cheap, normally use for one time only, like airplane, other material like bamboo luggage tag, leather luggage tags are more expensive but they are sustainable luggage tags, can be used for long time. 

All lugggage tag can be custom with yoru own logo, your own designs, therefore, it is a perfect cheap promotional corporate gifts. 

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